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Avee Player Template
         In this video how to create avee player template tutorials,and how to use the downloaded template tutorials,you need to download that provided template.After download template you need to open Template by select load from file option on avee player app then choose downloaded template.

         Now the select background image option then click the image option select custom image then pick Image,Now select your Needed own image,after selection that Image are added in background.

           If the image are not fix correctly use general scale option adjust the image and fit the image into correct ratio,Next the particles are added by select the particles option click appearance custom image then pick image select now the needed designed particles are select in your Gallery.

         After image and Particles are fixed then select export option, fix the you needed timing.Using the Width and Height Option set your needed vertical or Horizontal ratio valve fixed.All the work are finish,Click the Exporting option then export process are started.After Completion the video are saved in download folder.
                                               TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD LINK#196

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