How to Edit Zoetropic app #1 |Full Editing Tutorials|Darkroom Tech

              In this tutorial show How to Edit Zoetropic app  |Full Editing Tutorials,to watch the video and edit your needed picture on different type of motion are make.

             With  Zoetropic  you  give  life to your photos, applying a fantastic motion picture effect, also known as the Cinemagraph effect..Zoetropic - Photo in motion is an app that brings your pictures to life. It allows you to select parts of your image and have them move in a certain direction to create the appearance of repetitive movement. For example, you can make a photo of a tornado look like it is still blowing.
             1 - Use the movement tool at each point you want to give life and direct the effect.
             2 - With the stabilization tool you define that point not be moved, avoiding undesired                           distortions. If three or more stabilization points are connected, a stabilized region is created.
             3 - With the mask tool you will define the region of the image that will not have movement.

             4 - Enjoy and add a song to your video

                                                ZOETROPIC APP DOWNLOAD LINK

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